Oil, Gas & Offshore

AMITEC UK LTD has a long history of successfully applying even the most complex coating systems to components destined for the aggressive and challenging environments in which these industries operate.



AMITEC UK LTD have nearly 20 years’ experience of applying systems for clients operating within this industry and have been subject to Audit by large companies such as ROTORK to maintain approval for this work.


AMITEC UK has experience in offering numerous services that can be applied to a wide range of automotive components, from servicing the Classic car enthusiast right up to high performance professional race car operations.


AMITEC UK LTD has the capability to offer a paint system which will afford high levels of protection, in a wide variety of situations and is suitable for a broad range of equipment.


In addition to the more heavy-duty industrial coating systems AMITEC UK LTD can apply coatings which provide corrosion protection but are also designed to be decorative.