Ultrasonic Cleaning

AMITEC UK LTD offers ultrasonic cleaning using water based bio-degradable detergents, making our system suitable for cleaning items as diverse as carburettors, valves, pipework, engine blocks and heat exchangers.

Surface Preperation

AMITEC UK LTD offers a blast cleaning as a process in its own right, to achieve the required aesthetic finish, or as a surface preparation method prior to the application of a coating system. This work can be carried out with a variety of both manual and automatic equipment and is based upon a wide selection of media, enabling compliance with international standards.

Thermally Applied Coatings

AMITEC UK LTD has many years of experience in applying thermal metal spray systems in the more common materials such as Aluminium and Zinc, as well as a large selection of other metals including Copper and Brass.

Wet Paint Systems

AMITEC UK LTD has a wealth of experience in the application of a wide cross section of industrial and marine coating systems, incorporating the vast majority of generic paint types.

Ceramic Coatings

AMITEC UK LTD has the ability to apply a high-quality ceramic coating to a wide array of high-performance components for the motorsport industry using our state-of-the-art Metallisation® Mark 74 Flamespray system. We offer a selection of different metallic coating powders that have a varying heat resistance range that can reduce the heat lost in an operating range from a hundred degrees all the way to up to over a thousand degrees. This process also provides a high-quality long-lasting, durable finish.

NACE Inspections

AMITEC UK LTD has a highly trained team of inspectors with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of coatings application. They utilise this along with logical thinking skills, attention to detail, and comprehensive report writing to provide an outstanding inspection service, which underpins the level of quality assurance required by the most demanding of clients.