AMITEC UK has experience in offering numerous services that can be applied to a wide range of automotive components, from servicing the Classic car enthusiast right up to high performance professional race car operations.

These include various surface treatments and an assortment of coating applications. Ceramic Spraying for thermal protection of engine  components to the suspension protection using Kephos now renamed Fosgard 109.

Fosgard 109 is applied as a thin film coating and when stoved offers an attractive stain black finish with excellent corrosion resistance, this coating also offers a high level of resistance to brake fluid, oils and lubricants, whilst allowing for crack detection of the components without disturbing the coating. These properties make Kephos/Fosgard 109 an ideal coating for the motorsport industry.

Specialist coating removal using plastic medias, usually associated with the aerospace industry, are applied to composites, glass fibre, aluminium and steel without detriment to the substrate ensuring an unrivalled finish prior to repair or respray. Along with vapor blasting and state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaning lines, we can off bespoke and complete services to all our customers tailored to each individual requirement.

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