At AMITEC UK LTD we apply high performance ceramic coating to a range of motorsport components such as:

  • Silencers
  • Manifolds
  • Tailpipes
  • Turbocharger casings
  • Downpipes

In general, we can apply ceramic coatings to a wide range of engine components that may be subjected to or produce excessive amounts of heat during periods of operation, the application of ceramic coatings will help to reduce the overall temperature in the engine bay, thus helping to prevent damage to the surrounding components and most importantly the component itself. In addition, this also provides increased durability, wear resistance and chemical & corrosion resistance.

Application using a Metallisation® Mark 74 Flamespray, involves an acetylene and oxygen mixture to melt or soften the ceramic powder, and compressed air to propel the material onto the prepared surface.  This then cools to adhere itself to the surface and form a continuous coating. Several members of the AMITEC team have been trained and signed off by Metallisation to use this product, so you can be assured of the best finish possible.