Ultrasonic cleaning can remove contamination from areas that are inaccessible or hard to reach with traditional cleaning methods. In addition, it can remove a wide array of contaminants like dirt, wax, grease, polishing compounds, carbon deposits, fingerprints, and mould just to name a few. Also it saves time and is more environmentally friendly, as to get the same level of cleanliness you would have to spend vast amounts of time disassembling and cleaning with any number of harsh chemicals, where as there are no such chemicals used in this process.

Our equipment is an enclosed semi-automatic machine, containing 880 litres of cleaning fluid. The pneumatic lifting bed can accommodate components up to 550mm by 1170mm with a height of 500mm, and a weight of up to 500kg. Operating temperatures up to 90 degrees centigrade and a cleaning frequency of 28 kHz to ensure that even stubborn dirt and contamination can be removed.